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2023 CLS-X-14 $8/lb

2023 CLS-X-14 $8/lb

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An experimental hop variety from CLS Farms with aroma notes of lemongrass, lime zest, floral, stone fruit, and clean notes suitable for lighter beer styles. Grown in the Yakima Valley. 

Brewing Values

Aroma: Lemongrass, lime zest, floral, stone fruit
Alpha Acids: 7.0-9.0%
Beta Acids: 3.0-4.0%
Total Oils: 1.5 mL / 100g
Recommended Styles: Lagers, pilsners, blonde ales, pale ales

2023 COA

Check out this beer brewed by Varietal Beer Co. for last year's One in Eight campaign. Using CLS-X-14, Comet, and Cashmere, this blonde ale featured bright citrus lemon and peach flavors. 

Brewer Feedback

“A new hop like X-14 is exciting because it brings forward the best of the best noble characters from a variety that can be grown well in Washington. Its delicate, yet expressive floral and citrus aromas are well suited for both traditional and modern lagers, a segment of craft beer that continues to grow in volume and popularity.” - Alexandra Nowell, Brewmaster

"We also used X-14 in our house lager for a few batches. It performed super well in that as well, clean bitterness being floral and herbal, it makes a great option for early and late additions in American versions of light and international lagers.” - Chris Baum, Brewer/Owner of Varietal Beer Co.

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